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Master gunsmith, Rubem Lorenz, took his first steps in Custom Cutlery in 1990 makes knives for his personal collection. However, his recognized gunsmith and coach was delaying his entry into this art full time. Finally in 2008, Rubem decided, in fact, to dedicate himself completely to custom knifemaking. Studious, technical and detail-oriented with inspiration in international culture, he soon became recognized for creating knives with a unique design. These one of a kind pieces of are admired by collectors, lovers and cutlery professionals worldwide. Lorenz is the creator of the technique Animal Shadows, that inserts noble materials in the handle of the knives, forming or drawing shadows of animals or other images.

Lorenz makes custom, signed, unique pieces. He produces his own Damascus steel, forged from several layers of the finest carbon steels, or utilizes the best synthesized steels available today in the world market. Both blades and grips, innovation, creativity and top-level finishings are trademarks of his work around the world. His pieces are modern and unusual, presenting to the custom knifemakers market true works of art. His knives are sometimes called jewels for both the design and the noble materials used including 24k gold, silver and other exotic materials such as ivory and wood, among them African, Australian, American and many more.

Lorenz likes to affirm: "My knives perfectly play the use of tools and my goal is to always develop the best with each new piece."

Collectors like to affirm: "Lorenz's blades are works of art, a result of enthusiasm and imagination, always an excellent investment."

To inquire about the availability of blades, please contact us here or through social media.

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